Nikaido Gifts – Steveston

Nikaido Gifts on Moncton St. in Steveston carries many delightful products that are rare in Vancouver.

Store Front

Store Front

Here are some of the products I saw:

  • Kusmi Tea: $28.95 for 125g (L) or $8.95 for 50g (S)
    (Other stores that carry Kusmi Tea: Örling & Wu for $30, Vancouver Special for $25.95, French Made Baking for ?)
  • Victoria & Albert Museum writing sets: $12.95
  • LANOLIN-ÄGG-TVÅL (eggwhite facial soap with rose water & lanolin) from Sweden: $0.99 for 15g and $4.95 for 50g
  • Fragonard Muguet (Lily of the Valley) Eau de Toilette: $32.95 (compared to 12,50€)
  • Various teapots and teacups from the UK
  • Not from Europe but Downton Abbey-tea by Republic of Tea (US): Grantham Breakfast Blend and English Rose Tea:



Where to rent Lederhosen & Dirndls

 (Sorry, I meant to post this sooner!)

Oktoberfest started on 21 September (no, not October) so there’s time yet to pick out a Dirndl (traditional dresses) or a pair of Lederhosen (traditional leather trousers with suspenders) from Germany in Vancouver. Aren’t you glad you won’t have to fly all the way to Bavaria (in Germany) for this special occassion?

Facebook: TheRealBavarian

Twitter: @KarinsDirndl



English: Inside of the Augustiner Tent at Okto...

English: Inside of the Augustiner Tent at Oktoberfest, one of the more traditional tents at the festival. Note the Lederhosen and Dirndls worn, traditional Bavarian and Alpine dress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oktoberfest events:




Telephone: 604-812-2428

The Joystrings Harp is an easy-to-play unique instrument that was “originally developed by a musician in Europe for a young man with Down Syndrome.” It is suitable for:

  • people with physical and mental challenges
  • seniors with no previous musical experience
  • busy people
  • former musicians
  • anyone!

You can:

Czechrose Natural Therapy

Czechrose Natural Therapy is run by a team of professional massage therapists from the Czech Republic, using only natural herbal products. Their current special deals are ending this Sunday, 16 June.

Take a look at the different services available that are ‘on sale’ now:

You can also prepay for 10 x 60 min. massages (sports, relaxing, pregnancy, hot stone, or aromatherapy) for $351 (from $711). Also available for 10 x 75 min. ($432) and 90 min. ($513).

Not part of the specials are:

Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun 9AM-10PM
Address: 350 – 1152 Mainland St. (Yaletown)
Phone: 604-669-9312
Email: or book online