Nikaido Gifts – Steveston

Nikaido Gifts on Moncton St. in Steveston carries many delightful products that are rare in Vancouver.

Store Front

Store Front

Here are some of the products I saw:

  • Kusmi Tea: $28.95 for 125g (L) or $8.95 for 50g (S)
    (Other stores that carry Kusmi Tea: Örling & Wu for $30, Vancouver Special for $25.95, French Made Baking for ?)
  • Victoria & Albert Museum writing sets: $12.95
  • LANOLIN-ÄGG-TVÅL (eggwhite facial soap with rose water & lanolin) from Sweden: $0.99 for 15g and $4.95 for 50g
  • Fragonard Muguet (Lily of the Valley) Eau de Toilette: $32.95 (compared to 12,50€)
  • Various teapots and teacups from the UK
  • Not from Europe but Downton Abbey-tea by Republic of Tea (US): Grantham Breakfast Blend and English Rose Tea:



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