Ciao Italia!

This year (3 August – 2 September), Aberdeen Centre in Richmond has turned into Little Italy to introduce you to the best of Italian culture.


Flag of Italy

Flag of Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What you’ll see:


  • Sicilian Horse Cart
  • The Colosseum
  • The Gondola
  • Historic Collectibles & Artifacts
  • Italian luxury cars & motorcycles
  • Drawings of Renaissance sculptures
  • FREE Italian coffee tastings (24-25th, 1-4PM)


There will also be performances at the end of August:


  • Italian Men’s Choir of Canada – 24th: 2PM & 2:45PM
  • Famee Furlane Italian Dancers – 25th: 1 & 1:50PM
  • Sicilian Folkloristic Dancers – 25th: 2:45PM
  • Live performances by the gondolier, Gladiator, and Carnevale Jester – every Sat & Sun: 1-4PM


Sorry for the belated post!



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