Introducing: Bestie

Last month, Bestie officially opened its doors in Chinatown on Pender & Columbia. Ever since I learned that Bestie would be selling my favourite snack, Currywurst, I couldn’t wait for them to be in business. (Please note that it is possible to have Currywurst at the Vancouver Christmas Market.)

I arrived a day after Bestie opened and immediately ordered Currywurst ($8). I was offered water in a Bierkrug (beer mug/jug) and served Currywurst with fries in a porcelain dish shaped like the paper trays usually used for serving these snacks. Even the mini fork was reusable and made of metal!


Love it!


You can choose the kind of sausage you’d like: Thüringer, Southern BBQ Turkey, Smokey Bison, Veggie Wurst

The menu is quite affordable so if you haven’t had the chance to visit Bestie yet, why not go today on their 1 month anniversary? 😉


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