Thomas Haas Patisserie Tour

Back in May 2013, I had the opportunity to tour the Thomas Haas Patisserie in North Vancouver with the Universität Heidelberg Vancouver alumni branch.


Inside the kitchen, we were offered the popular almond croissants and a complimentary drink of our choice. I went with their Aztec Hot Chocolate which I highly recommend!

Mr Haas then told us how he became a chocolatier and how he ended up in Vancouver from Germany.


Mr Haas shows us a plaque of his family’s long history in chocolaterie.

We were then introduced to the delicious contents on the table.



cocoa beans


Cocoa butter, cocoa nibs, sugar


6 different flavoured chocolates

I was already going into sugar coma at this point. However, I couldn’t refuse sampling these pretty and unique chocolates:
IMG_3229 IMG_3232


Take a look at the layers in this sesame chocolate


As if we hadn’t already been spoiled enough, we even got to take home some chocolates!

Vielen Dank Herr Haas für die köstliche Tour! 🙂


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