André Rieu comes to Vancouver!

Tonight at 8PM at the Rogers Arena, André Rieu will perform “And The Waltz Goes On.” For those of you who have never heard of Mr Rieu, he is a world-renowned and beloved Dutch violinist, composer, and conductor. Before you assume this is going to be a serious concert where you must dress up and simply listen and watch the performers on stage, you’re going to be delightfully surprised! Unlike most concerts, you will have a chance to ‘sing along’ (hum or ‘la la la’ to familiar waltzes or operettas), sway in your seats, and even waltz around the aisles! What I also love about Rieu and his orchestra is that everyone’s dressed up. It’s not the standard depressing black suits but colourful ball gowns and dashing tuxedos! Everyone, both young and old, will have a wonderful time!

To see a list of the waltzes that will be played tonight, you can check out the CD album. Why the title “And the Waltz goes On” for the international tour? Did you know that Sir Anthony Hopkins composed a waltz at age 19? 40 years later, his wish that “The waltz must go on” has come true, with the help of Rieu’s arrangement of his piece. If there are still tickets available for this popular event, don’t delay! 😉

Update: 21 March 2013

Last night’s concert was fantastic! Unfortunately, the majority of the attendees were not in the mood (or perhaps not comfortable enough) to sway side to side and join in on the fun until the end. Yesterday also marked the 25th anniversary of the Johann Strauss Orchestra! The concerted was a highlight of all the popular and beloved operettas and waltzes, as well as various musical pieces, in the past 25 years. We hope that Mr Rieu and his orchestra had a lovely impression of Vancouver, despite the fact that 1) the theatre was not completely full, 2) the audience did not know the break is 15 minutes long, and 3) the audience were a bit emotionless at first!




3 thoughts on “André Rieu comes to Vancouver!

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  2. A Night to Remember in the Oh so Romantic Rogers Arena
    March 20, 2013

    Wow first time at an Andre Rieu concert. Went with my dad and his wife and must thank my dad so very much for inviting me to this event. At first when he invited me I said no since I didn’t want to impose on their special time nor be a tag along. My dad just loves him and has so many of his cd’s and dvd’s. He has wanted to see him live but just never decided to splurge on himself. Well boy am I glad I changed my mind, THANK YOU PAPA! This concert was awesome we all enjoyed ourselves so very much. My Papa and his wife even went up and danced the waltz they sure were happy. I myself could not stop smiling and be moved by how wonderful this all was. They all did an amazing job. I enjoyed the falling snow and seeing how people reacted …. some laughed and others looked like they were gonna melt away or something, ha ha, those made me laugh even more….. I sure wanted some of that snow on me. Even though the beginning seemed like everyone was more reserved by the end so many wanted more More MOre MORe MORE, and they kept on giving. Thank you everyone for this once in a life time experience…. Unless I could get my Steel Panther loving husband to go with me once, lol. We will see. Big thanks to My Papa.
    Andre Rieu you sure know how to make people happy, Thank You.
    Girl in the red skirt.

    • Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience Kessy! Glad to read that you enjoyed yourself too! I hope Andre Rieu decides to come back to Vancouver again! 🙂

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